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This design plays on the absurdities of and the confusion of means and ends.  It makes sense to oppose in the vast majority of cases.  This is a reasonable foundation for civilization: the rule of law. Of course, there are notable exceptions, namely, and the unjust enforcement of laws that cry out for civil disobedience.  No set of laws, no matter how comprehensive or well-thought-out, can fully capture or behavior, let alone enforce it.  With a simple proposition of making illegal, a simple tautology, being that which is commonly understood to be is,in fact, that which is illegal.  The first of my desired effects with this design is to see the foolishness of applying ever-increasing illegality to address crime.  This could be called the fascist solution.  And I want to speak to anti-fascists solutions.  As alluded to earlier with the case of to disobey an unjust or an unjust application of law, and are not equivalent to legality.  Certainly, there are many actions that are legal that are not or ethical.  Similarly, there are actions that are or which are illegal.  The ultimate difficulty of enforcing moral or behavior through coercion, i.e., enforcement, forces us to look beyond brute force or even social norms to gain moral or behavior amongst any group of people.  Gandhi button: Be the change you want to see in the worldThus, like many of my designs, the message poses both an answer that may jar some people’s current thinking, as well as a question, a more difficult question, regarding the of right behavior and how to create more of it.  One of my favorite along these lines is from Albert Schweitzer: “Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.”  In the end, enforcement reaches a natural limit in controlling others through physical force, coercion, violence.  If we want and behavior then we need to model and behavior.  Like proposed, “Be the you want to see in the world.” And as he lived, “My is my message.”

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