If You Think The Poor are Hard to Get Rid of Try the Rich

If You Think that the are Hard to Get Rid of Try the - BUTTON

If You Think that the Poor are Hard to Get Rid of Try the Rich-POLITICAL BUTTON

If You Think that the Poor are Hard to Get Rid of Try the Rich-POLITICAL BUTTON

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I created this design long before the occupy movement.  Nonetheless, this timeless commentary on the and the is a tip of the hat to the Occupy movement.  One of the main quests of the rich, the 1%, is to convince the masses, the 99%, that they can’t make a difference.  A saying that fits into this genre, that the will always be with us.  I guess that this is meant to reflect some underlying about human society, but I think that it distracts from a more important question.  Somehow this saying is an effort to discourage those who try to ameliorate the conditions of the by emphasizing how difficult that may be.  This may be true.  However, have you ever tried to get rid of the rich?!  They are at least as difficult to get rid of as the poor!  By reversing or extending the of the saying, we can better reflect on the whole picture, and make a better judgment about to which ends we wish to exert our efforts, even considerable efforts.  Some people will immediately get distracted by the question of whether we should try to get rid of the or try to get rid of the rich, or if and how these two tasks may relate.  However, pondering this is only a secondary concern of mine.  I am more interested in neutralizing the depressing and -sapping implications of focusing on the difficulty of changing the lot of the poor.  I believe that much is mediated by the ability to define the in our public together.  Having the or the to ask is probably at least as important as having the or the to answer the questions.  Unfortunately, the powerful and a complicit are very adept at asking less important that distract us from more important questions.  Then, we spend an inordinate amount of answering the less important and typically never get around to asking the more important questions.  Mission accomplished!  That is, for the who benefit from the quo, advantaged by the injustice.

Back to that much debated relationship between the and the poor, I would offer another saying or proverb, “where there is no there is no poverty.” Well, hopefully, this design neutralizes the negative message of working to the lives of those who are poor, and ends with a beginning, that is, a question about trying to get rid of the rich. While this may not be the ultimate question, it is certainly closer than the original question that this design addresses, and moving in the right direction is a very good start.  So, what would you propose is the best question to be asked relative to the relationship between the and poor?

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