Support the Police, Beat Yourself Up – FUNNY POLITICAL BUTTON

Support the , Beat Yourself Up – BUTTON

Support the Police Beat Yourself Up - FUNNY POLITICAL BUTTON

Support the Police Beat Yourself Up – FUNNY POLITICAL BUTTON

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This is a great design for the movement.  This is another great design that fits ’s goal to create serious, , and seriously designs.

This design is serious because police brutality is a serious officers are trained and in an where criminality and brute force are concentrated.  Naturally, we would expect that officers would be trained to deal with violent criminals.  This may be the case, although is certainly not a rare occurrence in the United States.  Of course, in like the occupy movement, the police are confronted with an unusual situation that they are not necessarily particularly well-trained to deal with, and that is very much outside their .  First, they are often faced with large numbers, which is a little unusual considering that most of the criminal encounters they have are with individuals or very small numbers of people.  Second, though perhaps the most obvious for those of us in the movement, is that the persons they encounter are committed to , and often trained in .  Given the large numbers, police often overreact with overwhelming physical force.  Thus, police often come with the expectation and equipment for riot .  This can be an inviting setting for police to overreact to .  Police may not be well prepared for dealing with political action, , and .  Hopefully, they will get the chance to become a lot more experienced in the near as the occupy movement grows worldwide.

This design is because it plays with the idea that are actually committed to helping .  While this may involve , is rooted in the commitment of , transparency, and taking personal for one’s actions, accepting the consequences for violating a that gets in the way of .  Actually, this typically involves respecting the police for the role they in civil order. One can actually support the police while confronting an even opposing that which they see as their to protect. Of course, asking or expecting a nonviolent to beat themselves up is an absurd proposition — that’s why it’s funny, seriously funny!  I think we should leave the beating up of to the police.

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