Move To Amend Protest in Toledo, Ohio

Protest in Toledo, Ohio

This afternoon, gathered outside the federal courthouse in Ohio as one of hundreds of Across the United States to bring to the travesty of corporate personhood.  The nationwide were sponsored by seeks a constitutional amendment which bans and reserves rights for human beings.   Most of the were from Occupy Toledo, which cosponsored the protest.  While the temperatures were in the teens, the received warm responses from passersby in automobiles and trucks.  There was an explanation of the purposes of as well as Mic checks and singing.  Pictured below is me, the one and only Top Pun, holding my hand made signs — made by a human, not a corporation.Top Pun with "Abolish Corporate Personhood" sign in front of federal courhouse in Toledo, Ohio, at Move To Amend protest sponsored by Occupy Toledo

in front of federal courhouse in Toledo, Ohio, at protest sponsored by Occupy

Below you can see a group of the who braved the cold on a January Friday afternoon with a winter storm warning in effect.Move to Amend Protesters

Please join us at Move to Amend or Occupy Toledo, or your own local or regional chapters of these groups, to bring an end to and reestablish humans as the appropriate and preeminent in this nation.  Thanks!



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