Celebrate National Public Health Week 2012

Celebrate Week 2012

Public health buttons-pin, a public health professional in a former , invites you to celebrate National Public Health Week 2012, which for 2012 occurs April 2-8.  The annual health observance, seeks to mobilize communities across the country to recognize the contributions of .  The weeklong celebration is always scheduled for the first full week in April.  Week is officially sponsored by the American Public Health Association.  This year’s Week theme is “A Healthier Begins Today: Join the Movement!”

Almost one million Americans die each year from preventable diseases.  Even small preventive changes and health initiatives can make a big difference in living healthier lives. National Public Health Week 2012 will build upon the National Strategy to create a healthier nation by promoting healthy behaviors in the following areas: active living and healthy eating; alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; communicable diseases; reproductive and sexual health; and mental and emotional well-being.

I have fond memories of working in public health.  My first in public health was in which soon expanded to health , including tobacco use , , exercise, and diabetes detection and . Then, I worked in HIV-AIDS for the decade of the 90s.  I finished my last few years formally in public health working on health planning and health needs assessment.  As it turned out, I like the much more than I liked the , that is, my employer.  Fortunately, getting out of public health that make him a true, higher calling: to full- as the best punster for peace and in the English-speaking world.  Also, not by accident, the basis for public health a social , so, in fact, I carry on the core work public health workers.  So, please join me in making every week public health week in 2012.  Thanks!

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