POEM: Winning’s Everything

We live in an era where everything is divided . . . into winning and losing, souled to the highest bitter. The “losers” of this world will rise up, the great unwatched — the revolution will not be televised.

Winning’s Everything

There is a whirled
Wear winning
Is awe that
Zealot to the highest bidder
The most stylish expediency
Rank and rankling
In a world made up
Of winners and losers
Caught in an order
Broke in
The fix is in
Number one and number two
Fecund gold and silver
And plenty of coppers for everyone ails
Some beat
There swords
Others into plowshares
And somewhere in the mettle
There are masses who will see
No deference
And it will be time
For the great unwatched

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