POEM: Gaza, Eat It

This poem addresses the Gazan’s plight of living under siege in an open air prison, under massive military assault, including widespread bombing of civilians and civilian infrastructure. This poem highlights the genocidal assault, particularly the mass starvation as a result of the siege and inability to adequately deliver what limited aid is available when operating in an active war zone. The poem employs the metaphor of Gaza being on the menu and takes to task the state of Israel on the chasm between the ambitions of a Zionist state and the ethical practice of Judaism, with references to worshipping the golden calf, an empty chair traditionally left empty for the prophet Elijah, and a scapegoat used to bear the sins of the Jewish people and sent into the wilderness. All of culminates in US being the founder of this beastly feast.

Gaza, Eat It

On the menu
Of militaristic goaled
Israel orders
For an idol celebration
A full coarse meal
A full plate
When you include all the scapegoat
Amidst an empty chair
For sum won
Fourth right prophet
Staring in the winnow
With there own in tents
Witness US
Picking up the check
Soully wanting
Just deserts
With aside of genocide

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