POEM: Which Neighbor is a Keeper?

This poem is about racism and nativism, our propensity to dehumanize the other, to write other humans off, to find room aplenty to throw under the bus or imprison in won weigh or an other.

Which Neighbor is a Keeper?

It takes
A village to raze a child
Every won for themselves
Or as a klan
Knowing the deference
Between black and white
That neighborly tribunal
Which neighbor is a keeper
As much as we Cain
Like a serpent in the garden
Talking the talk
To walk the walk
The deference between outliers
And out right liers
Recounting the truth
So it adds up
As much as we kin
At least relatively sow
And when it peers strange
Particularly alien
The nativist imagine Abel
A narrow brethren
And stingy cistern
A bout
The wrest
The remains
Scrapping fore help
As goad Samaritan
As if
Mirrorly thoughts and preyers
Bring them
Too heel
Or send them
To the hinder lands
The inscrutable ruse of engagement
Oh happy day
Marred to the mob
The obscurable
A veil
Bettor to be kissed with a lie
Then hit with the truth
Rather hitting them
With a switch
On the oft odds
Might be
Right them
Sow short
And so long
Their soul rec
If you need
A hand up
We will deliver you
Just arms up
And further if
Hope springs
Wade to Fall

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