POEM: The Run Down on Lifting Up

This poem is a call to avoid running down those who seek to lift up. The poem has a tip of the hat to and her infamous quote, “Don't call me a saint. I don't want to be dismissed so easily.” Perhaps ironically, she also called each of us to be a saint. She was always about accessing deep , and she sought to bring that all.

The Run Down on Lifting Up

There is weighs
Won more attest in
How due
I deal with belittle
The peer ins
Of avatars of the good
Incite and out
Libel to pose problems
For us
And idle chasers
That tail wagging

We've got this
What we aught
caught up in capitalizing
on it
Pain that hefty flee
Fore that need
More all
Less on me
All ready
A page from
Delivering us
A message in a battle
Perhaps a challenging quote
Dotting the Day
Don't right
Me off
As a saint
The only thing
Keeping you
A worthy scape
Unlike seeing our way threw
With marginalize
Flailing to look up
When looking down
What are we
Of loosing it

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