POEM: A Queer World

This poem is about the queer reality that if there were not homophobia, I would not have been born, as my Dad is gay. Only the rejection of his sexual orientation and the societal “need” to enter a “heterosexual” marriage made my existence possible. I joke that I am the incarnation of homophobia; the joke, of course, is on bigots, as I recognize gay equality and advocate for gay equity. Thank God for poetic justice! Thank God for a queer world!

A Queer World

It is a queer world
As it turns out
My Dad is gay
Borne in an era
Of homophobia
Of heterosexual sin
Near bastards
Yet hear
I am
Sired by a gay man
Marred by disguise a queer
As it turns out
I am
Homophobia incarnate
Made possible by the queerest hate
Telling it straight
A son shining on
Gay equality
And in valuable equity

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