POEM — Hemlocking the Socratic Method [Curiosity Killed the Hepcat]

I am very curious. intrigues me. I am also a critical thinker, and, at times, others view me as contrary. I do seem to have a for seeing contradictions. Most of the , I like playing around with ideas and perspectives. I am not a big fan of playing the devils advocate; I think the devil already had enough advocates. Nevertheless, I am a big fan of the Socratic method, asking to get better answers or to pose different perspectives from which to view things. This poem plays with the inevitable annoyance of assumptions and perspectives in a conversation.

Hemlocking the Socratic Method [ Killed the Hepcat]

She believed
It was a setup
Some brand of abate and switch
Evolving lash out
The interminable
Sow unending
This or that
If this, that
If that, this
Halving a singular thought
To fallow this tree of
Until stumped
That alleged won
Thing I have learned
Playing this bantering faux
Is this
Or that
Folks dig their Schrödinger's cats
Alive and knot
A mysterious physic
In Pandora's Box
In posing lethal as their bag
To which we may never no
Weather this or that
Dead or alive

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