POEM: Beating The Conundrum

Blessed be the peacemakers. It will take awe we have to secure peace. May the fog of war give weigh to the tsunami of love rising in the see of humanity.

Beating The Conundrum

The peacemakers cried
Everybody for everybody
For everybody to here
One side fits awe
Yet so-so many
From won side or the other
Unendingly decry
You are giving
Comfort to hour enemies
As the warring daze
Blurs into darkest night
And countless mournings
The dawning
Of just
Enough retaliation
Know one
Really no’s
The fog of war
A mist our shared genesis
And reckoned fate
Souls seizing
As riot and wrong craft
Anew fuse
And insanity repletes itself
Over and over
Over and out
What will
It call for
To tap out
A fresh rhythm
Awe that meters
To sublimely no
Such cacophonous carnage
One way or an other
It will take our all

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