POEM: Whether Proof Hope

This poem is another meditation on hope, timeless and timely. Hope seems to have a life of its own, and seams intent to share that life. Sew spread the knews.

Whether Proof Hope

Hope is its own kind
Of fuelishness
Powering our resistance
Sprung from an earth
Wear grief and rage
Grind us to dust
And wee are watered
By sees of tears
A crucible of mud forumed
And from what due we rise?
That divine see’d
Peering sow obvious
From fruit borne
And flesh embracing
That undeniable genesis
Rooting from eternity
A kernel leading us to light
That delivered us hear
That winsome loosing
Of bearin’ earth
Wear some like mighty oaks upon us
Many more like reeds
With standing
Any assuming gale force wins
And many money wounds
Beyond any concept of fare
Abides an inconceivable savor
That tasty solace
Of succors everywhere
In juries whether proof
Beyond questioning
Who dares lick our source

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