POEM: Flame In The Darkness

Hope springs eternal. That’s just, the way it glows.

Flame In The Darkness

There is a flame
In the darkness
Awe weighs more
Than mirror fact
This flame is both
Before and after
See change
As one
Than book ends
Enraptured in flames
Witch cast no shadow
And is at home
A mist the darkest pitch
As the brighter it peers
In solidarity
With every last won
The flame first bows gently
In recognition of destruction
Coming fourth
Never quite placing
That which can never be
The same
Passing in the night
A mother flicker
That darkest pitch
Even a starstruck hurl
But a tip of the hat
To death’s grip
Letting go
That owed flame
Becoming knew
A spark of compassion
A flash of incite
In many ways
Positively touched
In efface of death
In other weighs
Fore awe time
Forever caste away
Drinking it awe in
Stirred but not shaken
That’s just
The way it glows

“You can hold the candle, but you cannot hold the flame. If you ever touch that fire, you will never be the same.” –Joe Jencks

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