POEM: Political I con

Here is some poetic justice for Donald Trump, aka The Don, an unworthy political icon. May we learn from his massive cautionary tail.

Political I con

From Fifth Avenue
He shot
Too star dumb
All tolled
Knot exactly a reality magnate
Preaching only to acquire
Making America
Grate agin
At his lyin’ eyes
As far as a Republic can
And halving won nation
Razed him up
As the epitome of political
I con
On premises of chump change
Onto the dark psyche of America
In loo of character
Countless characters
His dogmatic whistle
The despot calling
The kettle black
The nuance of a troll
As some covert photo op
Inexplicably bought
And what due
We get
Fore free
An upside down Bible
And shredded Constitution
Awe hell the chief
A testing to US
Best rectitude ever
Missin’ accomplished
Like knowing
Jack of won trade
A country banged
Soully craven to be
As soon as passable

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