POEM: A Litany For The Birds

A Litany For The Birds

A first bird
In early
Calls out the names
Of each creature
No longer in this realm this day
A second bird
In a coo of sorts
Sings out the names
Of each first born this day
And better yet, of those to be born anew
A third bird
Weaves prayers
For all that has brought us here this day
And for that is yet to come
Nesting all of our daze
Oft seeming out of nothing to no end

I often write as a form of therapy. I have often thought that I would do better to not have birds cawing and singing in the early morning. This poem turns that oft seeming useless or annoying ritual  into something meaningful, even -inspiring. I do find great comfort in the awesome of that nests . and rituals are the stuff of myth, and sometimes I have to intentionally myth the point to reconnect with awesomeness and .

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