In a parent idiocy
Wee are tolled
The right
Thing to do
For sake
In wanting
To be a legitimate American
Leave your behind
A crashing symbol
To not here
As wrings
A bout effacing the music
A band in
A minor problem
Into ruin U.S. racket
And those halving hearts crying
Whoa to those without!

This poem goes out to all those whose hearts are breaking because of Prez 's cruel policy of separating from their parents when refugee families or immigrant families seek refuge in the United States of . LOVE is a Traditional Family Value PEACE BUTTONHate Is Not A Family Value PEACE BUTTONThe Trump regime's is matched only by their , making the grotesque claim that the requires them to separate immigrant/refugee families, and even the absurd claim that the Trump policy is the Democrats' fault. Their capacity to not take for their actions peers to no no bounds. This clarion may doom any for quiet awhile. Let be a family value! Let's rise up and end this cruel policy and for refugee/immigrant polices characterized by and , not and .

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