POLITICAL POEM: Trump U Verses Screw U

O pose
The establishment
Of his style
Outside is in
Down with up
As drive in reveres
“I sow and sow more than anyone”
That is
Con men
Selling Brooklyn bridges
To no where
That is good
The big apple buying the farm
As if
Building no hows
With less than for walls
One card to trump them all
A big hand
In no need
To play with a full deck
Holding his own
Against and
And everything in between
Winner loose
Screw U

Washington And Wall Street Have All The Money And Power, The Media, The Courts And The Police -- All We Have is 300 Million People -- Do The Math POLITICAL BUTTONAs moves from his many scams such as Trump University to his latest and biggest scam, running the U.S. into fiscal and bankruptcy, he will take the American people to school concerning authoritarianism and with massive xenophobia.  Trump’s vacuous grandiosity may fool a few desperate for change, but his histrionic casino regime will produce many losers and few winners — a man here, a fascist there.  His parochial nationalism, riddled with policies and incoherent rants, will chop this nation into ever smaller pieces.  The one to overcome such sectarianism is a unified opposition resisting in with one another, having each other’s back.  A of the planet and the rest of humanity wouldn’t hurt either!  A longshot would be that running American empire into the ground might be the most practicable route to a better world.  People Before Profits POLITICAL BUTTONTrump loves creating chaos, betting that and can profit off crisis and uncertainty.  While this approach may seem new, and perhaps ripe for change, in contrast to the stultifying certainty and fixation on calculable of traditional elites, it is simply the other favorite tool of and privilege, though typically reserved for widespread use in imperial rule outside the U.S.  Bringing and crisis home as the preferred governing mode is dangerous to civil and democracy.  We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools -- Martin Luther King, Jr. BUTTONThe answer to such a challenge wrests in the and unflagging of those subject to such an assault.   trumps chaos.   trumps divide and conquer strategies.  May we revel in creative and overwhelming solidarity!

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