POEM: They Knot His and Her — Owed To Gender Fluidity

They cross that strait
When they get two it
As engender
In mirrorly two be
Or knot too be

This poem is an to fluidity, to anyone who looks in the mirror and sees a different than at first glance, or seize more than one gender.  Fight Transphobia TRANSGENDER BUTTONGender, as a complicated amalgam of biological and social constructs, should be expected to manifest itself in a myriad of ways.  The simplistic binary of male/ is abridge too far for many folks.   is as often as knot incredibly nuanced or calling us to weighs of being that no mirror man or woman has gone before.  To be pronoun challenged is that splendiferous juncture wear he/she and us/them simply becomes they and we.  To coin an old phrase, E Pluribus Unum, “from many, one.”

In the U.S., issues have taken the forefront since the gay marriage issue is largely resolved. Trans-fabulous! TRANSGENDER BUTTONLike many issues, transgender equality will be brandished about, weaponized by bigots where it may still win points amidst a rapidly changing quo.  I strongly suspect has a distinct direction in this struggle, and it will resemble the more than the past.  June is gay pride month, or perhaps better named LGBTQQIA Pride Month.  Hopefully, this of special celebration will help people relish their own gender and the gender of others.  May our enrich us all.

I'm Trigender. I Tried One Gender, And Now I'm Trying Another One. --Ranae Cole quote TRANSGENDER BUTTON


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