POEM: My Proffered Busyness

My proffered
Is riding
It takes me
And even as sow many
Times come a bout
The heist spot in the whirled
Strong-armed by incoming
Dealing with lives steel
As sell sum
Pilfer everything
As if
Following racing rats to a loot
Or tender my resignation
And well come
My big amble
Out performing
Peddling vagabonds
At any prize
Wear too spare
Rambling on

This is a poem about a 's in writing — that would be me.  This is yet another to the which strikes without warning, though with overwhelming warming.  There is little question that writing is a way for me to through living in such a world, where grave injustices and serendipitous joys reign over my .  This tension between the often rendering of social and profound  for the many blessings in my is a familiar theme in my and poetry.  May you for with a grateful ; and may your be deep enough to sustain you in the most difficult times.

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