POEM: Dream Catcher

A daze
Sow few catchers
Sow many
And that's the catch

This poem is about , , , and burnout.  This poem is mournful in that so many go unrealized, uncaught.  This poem is a hopeful invitation to pursue your with more vigor, focus and intent.  As the so aptly points out, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” (Matthew 9:37)  is often tiring, as being impelled to do stuff that is tiresome.  Enough work and we burnout.  Vocations, on the other hand, unleash passions and dreams.  With excessive work we miss both and dreaming with our eyes wide open.  Vocations both generate dreams and actively invest and energy in pursuing said dreams.  Still, having sufficient dreams is not generally the rate-limiting factor, unless we are totally burned out.  Most often, paying dear attention to those dreams and befriending them with the freshest and best parts of us is what enables us to catch our dreams.  May you organize your in such a way that you are well-suited to catch your dreams.

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