POEM: Meet Me Their

Meet me
Wear the sky
Kisses the ocean
Where the day’s heat
Meets the cool of eve
Where a child’s cry
Meets his mother’s loving ears
And a full groan man
Brought to his knees
Now stands
Before his new home
Meet me
Where the mountain rises to our feat
And our souls bound
To that which cannot die
Yet the more
All meet
You there
Where brakes
As just us
Kisses peace

This poem arose from a hybrid of inspirations, from a phrase from the musical South Pacific (about the ocean and sky meeting) and from a poem read at today’s Farm Organizing Committee (FLOC) demonstration outside ’s federal courthouse to end racial profiling by and the border patrol.  This poem is grounded in a hybrid of sorts, the daily of the earth and a mother’s combined with the longing-filled of living for .  Of course, these ongoing works bring and peace in both the and the is well fed both by places near home and far away.  May you be well fed AND hunger for .

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