POEM: Dead Precedents

The whirled is full of dollereds
Strewing up our
With dead precedents
And we no where
takes us

This short poem addresses the persistence of , even though its outcomes are well documented and embedded in human .  The to game the system and cheat by stirring up can only be explained by bad thinking or a shortage of fiber.  Of course, greed begets greed.  How could it be otherwise?  The compass we follow — or don't follow — sets in motion a cascade of like results.  Greed and selfishness produces a shaky foundation and towering houses of cards and sharp objects as a testament to the of the gravity of the situation.  presents inescapable .  We may not like the available, but has a profound persistence and deep order.  It strikes me that a fundamental orientation or choice in is whether to game the existing set of circumstances to one's own marginal advantage and the whole's marginal disadvantage, OR to commit one's self to understanding and accepting the of human existence and devoting your force to participating in the good of the whole.  Saying “NO” to greed is a good start and landmark for the .  We know where greed takes us — to an unending chain of dead precedents; a world replete with moral dullards.  Disciplined , joyful , and ebullient take us places better than we can even imagine, where we can be joyous and free in with and the created world.  May it be so.

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