POEM: Birth Day Present

On my birthday
I was given
As were you
A machine
A way faring
By lusty seconds
And so moving
Fates billed
To hour credit
Surpassing daze
And weaks
A sort of colander
For casting generations
And spirited characters
Of a entranced
Passing sentries
With unguarded lives
Vaulting destiny
By wreckless leaps
And bounds
Of those who might
Steel the
Or simply junket
Never tending
Anything except their raze
In rapturing itself
Never coming second
When every one
Is of won accord
To the

This poem goes out to all of you who have a birthday this year!  The is ever . Like they say: there’s no like the .  The is born of the present, and the captures much of our attention.  Nonetheless, we live our whole in the present.  The practice of recognizes that NOW needs your full attention  Of course, you can reflect on the or the past NOW, in the present.  The point is that conscious is a huge part of what it means to be human and to live fully.  Paying attention to our , whatever that is at any given moment, is the stuff of .  As so famously observed, “ is what happens while your busy doing other things.”  May the moments that you live each day make every day a birth day.  As Will Rogers said, “May you live all the days of your life.”

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