POEM: Destiny Mending

Weave had to live
In the shadow
Of our looming
To take
A strand
All ready
As we hit the concrete
Beyond erudite
Threads on
Virtually no matter
How tightly woven
Betwixt loose yarns spun
And kittens so darn cute
Attesting we are left
In stitches
Save one
Netting nein
A tangled web we weave
World wide
From pirates patch
People unplugged
The dogs of heeling
Affronting banks taken aback
A seaming redressed
Mother returning
Good for
And sew we go
Destiny mending

This poem is a call to address and confront the multiple fronts on which is racing to its own destruction.  We seem to be endlessly enamored with our own cleverness, even in a desert of wisdom.  We look to technologies for salvation, only fearing that our best stories are of robot or apocalypses.  We float down the river of denial, only to distract ourselves should a toe touch shore.  We beg the for even -numbing to prop up feudal in earth-destroying lifestyles.  We mine virtual realities for solace and fleeting rations of hope.  We have descended even far below the bite of an apple.  But alas, perhaps even a simple taste of can lure us back to overturn the moneychangers, starve the dogs of war, and cradle a gentle in a provident nature.  springs eternal when we can see past winter takes all…

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