POEM: Pseudoscience

After a cursory perusal
Of your uncorroborated
In your unverified application
We are pleased to accept
The donation of your brain

The great thing about donating your brain to is that such brains are largely unused.  Scientific , sound , and critical thinking seem to be largely optional in postmodern .  Maybe this is .  I can see the headlines now: “ Renders Effective Human Beings Superfluous.”  Of course, you'll never see this headline.  Mostly because the word “superfluous,” in a crowning , is extremely unlikely to make it through the dumb-down filter that is omnipresent in mass , rendering it unneeded.  In this juggernaut of , we will soon render focus groups superfluous, as big data will know us better than we know ourselves, and the lowest common denominator pabulum rendered by focus group results will be delivered by an .  Of course, such algorithms will be in the private sector and top-secret within inner circles, to assure that the is fed and stability reigns.  But no need to worry, as consumers and consumed merge, we can bask in the glow of our glowing big screen boxes, approximating so statistically accurately.  Our every emotional, snacking, and consuming need will be re-calibrated every fraction of a second.  Now, some might think that this is some grand theory, but those in the know realize that the has planted theories to distract us from deeper truths…

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