POEM: Certifiable


Respectability is the currency of the establishment
A of red carpets and relics
is its only denomination
Holding sway with all that moves
Trafficking in
A multitude of sins covered in fine veneers
Indulgences purchased by another’s blood
Endless memorials to the dead
Crass facades for the living
Taken by mausoleums
As easy cache for what remains
Bequeathing scant prospects
Save those certifiable

is, well, conventional.  , however, exceeds the merely conventional.  A fuller operates at a level, more than triangulating in ever finer ways, with ever more data collection and ever better statistical models.  sees beyond , beyond mere , beyond mere sees beyond.  Respectability and are the conventional ways to “succeed” in a given , intently focusing on existing landmarks or maps, and taking advantage of existing structures.  A higher wisdom envisions new and better conditions and ways of being, and works in a way that transforms structures to be fairer and more accessible by all, not merely privileged classes.  Most simply put, and perhaps most radically, true wisdom seeks a new and better world for all, for more.  settles for adroitly manipulating current realities to harness the quo to one’s in-group’s advantage.  Generally, this is called winning or succeeding.  True wisdom necessarily crosses the boundaries of current conventional thinking and the quo.  This is dangerous as it pioneers new territory, crossing the .  Nevertheless, such wise living is powered by the of fuller living and the of things to come.

This poem strikes at the lack of of .  Still, this poem is not intended to negate conventionality, but rather to breathe into, to give it .  True wisdom functions at a higher level, recognizing a higher order.  This brings order, or perhaps more aptly put, .  The higher orders the lower.  Otherwise, we will live backwards lives, necessarily disordered.  Without hearts overflowing into the and of a better , stagnates.  By only mastering what is, we confine ourselves, and others, by for hopelessness, not putting in the of betterment for all.  There is probably nothing more dangerous to ’s vitality than hopelessness.  Such is a form of .  Cynics, who often prefer to be called realists, may memorialize the dead but settle for building crass facades for the living on foundations purchased with the blood of others.

Like the eminent physicist and less well-known mystic, Niels Bohr said, “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the .”  There is at least one thing certain: there is no mathematical model that can predict the merely from the .  If you try to predict the based solely on the mountain of past and thin , then you will be certainly wrong!  It’s to start living in the , not the past!  It’s to start living into the fullness of life that is our !  Our can be taken as unbearably thin somehow requiring us to accept only this emaciated ; or, our present can be taken as a launchpad of our robust hopes and generous .  Life invites us to more, ever more.  The cynic may be right on occasion, as all of our hopes and do not come to pass.  Nevertheless, wise and hopeful people cannot deny their hopes and regardless of the of being right that the world is wrong, in knead of betterment.  Cynics are destined to be right in certain ways and wrong in ways they cannot predict.  Either way, they are predictably less happy.  The wise are destined to be right in some ways, the ways that right the world.  Any way, they predictably have greater .

The wise bring , a dangerous , that invites us into a better .  The possibilities are endless and somewhat less certain.  Hope is a game that must be played in order to be won.  More often than not, the odds are favored, and when not, rock on, leading in the light of possibilities more than cowering before dark probabilities.  The cynics vainly attempt to follow an even path that cannot be the .  Cynics invite the danger of no hope.  And all of the difference lies in certifiability…

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