POEM: Past, Present, Future

Past, ,

The past is the foundation from which we build
The shoulders we stand upon
The inventory of stored for our convenience
The pool of in which we bathe
The is the current electrifying our wishes
The happening place nearest to everything
Insight of the timeless center of our hearts
A crossroad of acquiring and letting go
The crucible
Of known and unknown
Of and
Forging things to come
The is a mountaintop
An end of a long road we wish to travel
A tomorrow yearning to be a
A that knows not
And keeps us waking

Finding a healthy relationship with the past, present, and can be tricky.  The past can be a place where we are stuck to hurts and disappointments or get lost in nostalgia.  The past can be a mine of and to enrich our present and launch our future.  The present is at the very of our quality of , the nexus of both , through volition, and simple, pure through .  Like they say: there is no like the present!  Of course, a myriad of distractions, from the past, present, and/or future can degrade the quality of our , and stunt full .  The future can lure us into our fondest and countless possibilities.  The future can paralyze us with a cauldron of fears.  May you experience a nurturing and joyful relationship with your past, present and future.

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