POEM: Government Listening

I’d like a that listens
More than listens in
And NO, I don’t want fries with that!

We need to truly listen to one another, in order to create together a that represents us.   is an open dialogue, not one-sided surveillance.  Listening is not the same as listening in!   secrecy always poses a threat to true .  Secret surveillance on its own always poses a threat of privacy violations and abuse of .   secrecy threatens the ability of we the people to hold our accountable.  In fact, state secrecy puts the of in somebody else’s hands — and who that is exactly is well…a secret!

The last line of the poem is a stab at the automatic that is often employed by and corporations in a manner to any request — always trying to up-sell you to some predetermined agenda.  In the of state secrecy and spying, terms like “” and “way of ” are bandied about.  In the of our everyday , the on the ground is “would you like fries with that?”  When our government listens to us, it will actually answer our , not just spit back .  May we continue to to assure that this becomes a fuller each day.

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