POEM: Feminists Know Something

As a man
One day I wondered
How come there are so few
Then it occurred to me
Maybe they know something we don’t

The quest to understand the difference between men and has probably been around as long as there have been men and women.  This poem seeks to stimulate reflection around the issue of self-selection of a career or vocation.  While there are certainly barriers to entering, succeeding or advancing in certain male-dominated careers or vocations, there are definitely self-selection factors based on gender.  In this poem, I choose the specific fields of politics, economics, and for reflection.  These fields are dominated by men.  However, I suspect that much of the reason are not attracted, or dare I say engendered, to these fields is because of both the of these fields and the way these fields have been shaped (or distorted) by a male point of view.  As a man and a feminist, I try to understand and value women’s experiences, ways of being, and points of view.  Of course, men’s experiences, ways of being, and points of view, are transmitted more easily in our due to men’s dominant role and over many structures and processes in our society.  Given these realities, we should all be feminists, seeking to strike a more healthy between the genders.  This requires that we all pay more attention to what know; and by knowing I mean much more than simply intellectual content but the whole range of experiences, ways of being, and points of view.  And by all means, I don’t relegate the field of “doing” to men, given the fact that do most of the in the world.  Simple demands that men especially seek insight into what know that men may not.  Of course, being counter-cultural, this takes work, and for some reason either seem more willing to take on work, or just ending up doing more of it..  Either way, we should all pay more attention to these differences.

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