POEM: Actual Pie vs. Pi

Actual pie is way more than 3.14159 times better than mathematical pi.

This simple one line poem makes fun of Western civilization’s fixation on the quantitative versus qualitative.  It is big business to reduce everything to a number, preferably dollars if you can!  Of course, actual pie is quite enjoyable, whether it is apple pie, cherry pie, blueberry pie, raspberry pie, rhubarb pie, coconut cream pie, pumpkin pie, banana cream pie, key lime pie, blackberry pie, elderberry pie, cranberry pie, chocolate cream pie, peach pie, gooseberry pie, huckleberry pie, or lemon meringue pie; you take your pick!.  While there is definitely a quantitative nature to this long list of great pies, mathematical pi cannot compare.  Using the term way more is a device that can connote both a qualitative and quantitative sense to it.  In contrast to the 3.14159 of mathematical pi, the precision of mathematical pi seems quite ridiculous.  Some may argue that the unique nature of mathematical pi has a certain beauty to it.  I wouldn’t disagree.  Nonetheless, it’s their incomparability that I am comparing.  One of the interesting things about mathematical pi is that it never ends, its digits past the decimal place continue forever and ever.  Still, this holds nothing on actual pie which comes to an eventual end, probably gracefully, hopefully gracefully!  But alas, if you really must have it all, and you are quite the daredevil, you may have actual pie while simultaneously meditating upon mathematical pi.  Unfortunately, this falls into yet another trap of Western civilization: the illusion of multitasking.  We can really only focus on one thing at a time.  To alternate our focus back and forth between one thing and another can certainly be done but it almost as certainly alternately robs the experience of each thing focused upon.  An exception to this might be pie a la mode.

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