FREE POSTER: Health Care Warrior – Sen. Rob Portman Flamethrowing Medicaid

This , (R-OH), warrior, graphically depicts the futility of flamethrowing and hoping that some extra for opioid treatment will adequately address the opioid epidemic. Health for All: Anti-Terrorism that Works - POLITICAL BUTTONHealth Care is a Right, Not a Product POLITICAL BUTTONWhile Sen Portman counts his pennies for and hurls bags of cash for care, his flamethrower should be directed squarely on the so-called “” bill, which is actually a tax bill paid for directly by Americans' health and very lives.  , vote this bill down.  Refuse to vote for any health care bill, unless it actually improves our health.  Anything else is malpractice.

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FREE POSTER: Flamethrower Senator Rob Portman Medicaid Opioid Treatment

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