POEM: Just Us Fore Awe

and disenfranchisement
Are two sides of the same coin
Defining this flipping world
And the weigh out
Is to stop chasing coin
And exorcise our to won another
Just us fore

People are more important than things.  Human persons are more important than corporate persons.  You can’t serve and money.  These are relatively simple truths that can order our disordered lives, individually and collectively.  Chasing the almighty buck degrades the awesome aspects of our humanity.  Focusing on how we can profit from others, what we can get from others, is the ultimate “taker” attitude.  For those who have a lot, are on the long end of the stick, the looming threat of disenfranchisement, and those seeking justice, assures that having is never enough. Even those with little, or on the short end of the stick, often internalize this sick as wannabe privileged, perpetuating the dominant of over others.   As I see it, the weigh to get rid of this two sides of the same coin is to get rid of coin.  Inasmuch as people are viewed as means to ends, we will have a whirled of mean, and unsatisfying ends.  Recognizing, honoring, and glorying in each other’s irreducible and awesome is perhaps the only we have to each other.  If you view this to one another as a or a duty, you are correct.  The at the of our is what should command our and serve as our in all matters.  Our greatest to one another is to serve awe.  May you find that you are looking for, and may that you due serve others.

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