POEM: Shame Old Story

A little bit
Of shame
Goes along
Too much
With blinders
Knot visible
In a sense
To over looking
As full as is

This poem is about the overabundance of shame, a tail as owed as that wags the dog.  Shame is one of the all- popular weighs of controlling others.  Shame is a substitute for comes with a whole lot of , such as , , , and .  Shame is a seductive shortcut that cheats us out of the full results of worthy effort.  In essence, shaming others is shaming ourselves.  As they say: you can't point your finger at someone else without pointing four fingers back at yourself.  Relying on and example is a much better weigh.  There is a tribe in Africa where anytime a member commits some offense, they surround them and pummel them with every good thing about them, a wellness practice very telling.  Social has well documented that focusing on building assets is more productive than focusing on deficits.  The rhythms of the human seem to be much more in tune with inspiration and positive regard than shame, criticism, and .  In theological terms, this might be simply stated that good is stronger than .  Traditional often betrays this belief by focusing on original sin rather than original ; that is, accenting our inherent falling short rather than our inherent goodness.   May you readily see the goodness in yourself and others, and faithfully live out of our better portion.

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