POEM: Inspiring Life Itself

I am
By but
And ours alone
A forum of
Only known by agape
Sometimes taken as dope
And every sow often
Be held as a parent
Be gotten heir
Inspiring itself

Where does come from?  Some claim, in a type of miraculous skepticism, that emerges out of nothingness.  Others figure there is something more seamless in the of life, like coming from like.  Regardless of where one’s begins concerning the ultimate origins of life, most can agree that, in the here and now, produces more life.  Life in its fullness is contagious.  Also, the highest human experiences seam to be inescapably linked to awe.  strikes me as being sublimely taken in by the sheer breathtaking and breath-giving of life.  seems close kin to gratitude, particularly of receiving something that transcends our own doing or merit.  For me, such experiences inspire me to live in a way that will breath life into stale social contracts, however well contrived, and knock the wind out of social where another’s is bargained away for supposed profit.  A life well-lived should be more full of celebration than calculation, carousing than conniving.  We will gain much more from than delineating which dances are viewed most positively by each segment, so we can maximally profit off others’ dancing.  Life, in its fullness, will dance around such cramped connivings.  Of coarse, such lessens will be self-taut, whereas life involves a boundless teeming beyond grasping.

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