POEM: Owed to Racism – That Whole In Our Soul

Owed to Racism: That Whole In Our

Our is
A thin line between
And filled madness
Dark mournings
And over
In this may hem together
To suture self
And bound
For wince they came
Through painful needlings
Both sides
And left
In stitches
Where it hurts to laugh
At such a heeling surgin’
Do not real
At my site
Unless you are willing too
In counter me
Phase to phase
Offering me
More than mirror
Wear wee are all scarred
Leaving behind
Broken images
In its place
And idol
Hands speaking
In victory clenched
Lifting up
The signs of the times
I am a man
And woo man
Never the less
Hearts beaten
As won
An incite
Game to be fixed
Equal to before us
That whole in our
Onto grievous grounds spilling
Not simply in vein
As sometimes made pale
Sometimes colored
Weave all
In this of
For as it is read
Sow shall it be ridden
Free dumb
Of oppressor and oppressed alike
No longer sullen one another
Undertaking and overtaken
In the passed
To marrow
Never for gotten
Bidding us
To not be under souled
In the ours before us
Wresting in peace
So called
Beyond words
And belief
In action
To gather
With won voice
And undivided tension
Of won accord
Hand in hand
So becoming
Full circle

This anti- poem came out of my recent with a combating dialogue group, as part of a larger anti- initiative in Toledo.  This poem reflects both the devastation and intractability of racism and group members’ deep commitment and for a world free of racism.  The poem calls for united action to reclaim the wholeness of our community.  The level of of racism by white folks in is staggering.  Confronting white often makes even dialogue difficult.  Truly joining in to combat with concrete actions is often seen as unduly threatening to privileged whites.  I am grateful that has the and fortitude to operate these dialogue to anti- groups.  May these groups unleash a juggernaut of positive social for and the world!

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