POEM: Holey Toledo – Owed to Potholes

Holey Toledo!
Look at my car, ma!
Wholly swallowed
As she flew into the pothole
A Thelma and Louise moment
At the end of a bad day
Only without a friend
Beside herself
Having thrown a fit
To a T
Any further and it would be in Chinese
Her only consolation
Perfectly full
Filling the hole
The emptiness of winters take all
Exacting its prize
So profoundly deep
She may have saved her fare city
From contracting
Another kick in the asphalt
As the rest just went over the top

This ode, while not addressing my typically epic themes, does take an epic playfulness with the issue of potholes.  Holey Toledo, Toledo had the worst winter in many, many years.  And along with a brutal winter comes a plentiful crop of potholes.  Enjoy the poem.  Endure the potholes.

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