POEM: Censorship

The worst thing about is

This short, one-line poem could be mistaken for half a poem.  This poem may leave the reader wondering what I, the author, consider to be the worst thing about . This poem may even beg the reader to fill in the blank, the censored blank, for themselves.  Part of the point of the poem is that we will never truly know what we are missing when our ability to express ourselves in censored.

There are at least two types of : self-, and being censored by another.  Most often refers to the latter, typically in objection to censorship as an unjust social relationship.  This type of censorship is important to identify and address because it is a direct threat to .  This type of censorship creates a climate of among those whose expressions may be threatened, and a mistrust of authority among those who question the legitimacy of such censorship.  Censorship stands in almost direct opposition to .  No doubt, some expressions should not be considered , such as the proverbial shouting “fire” in a crowded theater.  Nonetheless, I suspect that such cases are quite rare.  The and social control generated by direct censorship ripples far beyond a person’s expression being squelched, and beyond potential recipients of that expression losing out on that expression.  The of some social sanction leads to countless forms and incidents of self-censorship.  This is the insidiously successful child of direct censorship.

If those in a position of to censor can cow us to become sheep, then their mold of our will grow more pronounced in our .  I suspect self-censorship accounts for much, if not most, of the seemingly miraculous hold that the have over the masses.  Self-censorship allows the illusion that comes from above, top-down, rather than being derived from the of the people.  Of course, from above, in the form of sheer force, is a scary .  Social sanctions for simply speaking out can be large.  In fact, the presence of a disproportionately large social sanction merely for speaking out is perhaps the surest clue that the underlying is unjust.  After all, talk is cheap.  But if power structures is not dealt with early enough on, then the precarious illusion of top-down power masquerading as authority, and the seeming futility of bottom-up power, will continue unabated.  A little shock and awe is sometimes needed to remind people of who is in control.  Learned will do the trick the vast majority of the .

Overcoming self-censorship is a necessary condition for a free .  We can only deal well with if we know what that is.  This requires self-expression.  Heavily redacted realities make and sick societies.  This may be the best single reason for either avoiding most of popular , or consuming it with a high degree of , to see it for the spectacle that it is.  The images and messages, both overt and subtle, in have a powerful effect on how we view .  The simple fact that there is a whole genre of “” television that has little to do with is probably the best illustration of how far afield we have become.  TV is a representation of reality.

Overcoming self-censorship requires and .  As Amelia Earhart said, “ is the price that life exacts for granting peace.”  We can flow with the idolatrous, heavily redacted realities that invade our unrelentingly through and .  Though such are unsustainable in many ways, there is a lot of force applied to maintain them.  Adding your to those forces may benefit you in many ways.  Or, we can freely and courageously express our own realities which often differ profoundly from the heavily promoted narratives around us.  This may exact a price, but, at least it is a price paid in homage to reality, not illusion.  Who knows, we may very well find that the realities of the vast majority of humans on this planet have more in common with one another than the foisted upon us.  This is the making of peace.  As so simply and profoundly stated, “Peace is possible.”  This reality is so routinely obscured.  You can be a living expression of this reality.  You are the channel.

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