POEM: Farcical Optimism

He said to me
“Your is farcical.”
I said
“You may be right.”
Of course
may just be
Realizing that
Is ever so slightly preferable
To farcical

If you gathered all of the information together to make a determination of whether or not it is justified to be an optimist, it may very well be a close call.  There is plenty in this world to be pessimistic about.  The more edgy, less centered pessimists may even consider all a .  If this seemingly even-matching of evidence to justify or , throws you off-, then consider .  Just because Pollyannishness exists does not negate optimism or .  Just as because nihilistic thoughts and behavior exists doesn't mean that all is lost.  Walking this seemingly fine line between optimism and sets up one's own basic about : which side of do you want to face, live into?  While the line may be fine, this most fundamental choice of , direction, is the profound difference between good and .  This is how plows into and how our spirits are incarnate into the world.  Some with nihilistic orientations would prefer less full terms — good and bad, useful and not useful, painful and pleasurable.  I find a deep in folks who are too nihilistic to even drum up a belief in !  This is what I would call farcical pessimism.  Unfortunately, you can't escape this choice, if you will, by not answering the question.  falls solidly into the immoral category.  amounts to bad .  If you don't like , maybe you don't deserve to wield it.  If you don't think that the world is about deserving and undeserving, then welcome to the world of

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