POEM: Lottery

I won the lottery
Now I am able
To outsource
My neuroses

Winning the lottery is probably one of the most common fantasies, particularly by the math-impaired.  Most people assume that getting a large windfall of money will make their life better.  This is often not the case.  Researchers found that lottery winners who won between $50,000 and $150,000 did not solve their debt problems and only postponed bankruptcy.  Of course, there have been plenty of problems, often new problems, exacerbated by winning the lottery.  

Money is a form of power that can multiply both strengths and weaknesses.  Unfortunately, money is unlikely to be the key ingredient in a balanced life.  Money is more likely to play to our weaknesses than our strengths. Powering up your neuroses is a risky business.  Plus, large changes in our life are stressful and even positive changes can be very disrupting. Perhaps there is good reason why every major religion/faith downplays or warns against relying on wealth for a good life.

My personal take on the lottery: I prefer flushing my money directly down the toilet — thereby cutting out the middle man!

Gambling — don’t bet on it!

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