POEM: Countless Dawnings

Countless Dawnings

I find myself
In the middle
Of the night
Before futures tolled
Unfettered from the past
Heedless of tomorrow’s agenda
Yesterday’s experiences
Nothing but gleaned fuel
Abundantly supplying
Mediums in a peerless world
Wear darkness is my palette
Know more
Tripping on the nebulas way
Succor punching
Wholes in the heavens
Awl write
And shooting stars riding
In secret cold
Penned by unseen hands
Canvassing unreveled truths
Flat on my back
Totally taken
As past away
And ceiling my fête
The less
A mirror
Forty winks
Punctuating day
As in a vegetative
RIP and twinkle
Showing up
One’s own
Twenty years
As no ordinary travailer
No stock d’ohs
Without a hitch
Clearing acres
Of slumber
Beyond the vale
Hidden ’em where it counts
Each singular verse
Giving weigh
To many
And still
For what is
The zzz ‘neath

An eternal solace system
With mouthfuls of
As an udder
Another knight’s
For its always
Midnight somewhere
As this orb it goes on and on
Though offed in the forgotten
Wading again
Only to be
Interrupted by countless dawnings

I have long found waking hours in the middle of the night as inspiring.  I find these in-between hours as particularly special, since they seem to be free of daily routines and thoughts of tomorrow.  I am often struck with many interesting ideas, but unless I get a flood of them and get up to write them down, they are mostly lost to my by dawn.  There are many theories about why we need and about dreaming.  I view as a when our body, and sorts and integrates our recent experiences to incorporate them into who we are.  The brain is actually very busy during .  This doesn’t surprise me, since most of our existence is subconscious.  When was the last you consciously digested a meal or made your beat in perfect rhythm?  Like I am prone to say, “The subconscious: it’s not what you think.”  I find great in and dreaming.  I do not have a firm idea about what dreaming is all about.  However, I sometimes wonder if the in some is due to the returning from a deeply peaceful place only to be confronted by the less peaceful realities of conscious human .  I do prefer to while I’m awake, engaged with the world.  Still, those experiences and epiphanies in the middle of the night provide fuel and for my waking .

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