Support the Police, Beat Yourself Up

Support the Beat Yourself Up – BUTTON

Support the Police Beat Yourself Up - FUNNY POLITICAL BUTTON

Support the Police Beat Yourself Up – FUNNY POLITICAL BUTTON

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This design goes out to all those Occupy everywhere!  I like this because of the obvious incongruity of juxtaposing supporting the and beating oneself up.  While the are part of the 99%, they are also tools for the 1% to enforce, typically selectively enforce, laws that will protect the of the 1%.  Dealing with is not something for which the police are typically well-trained. Police routinely rely on militaristic methods for crowd and social and abuse is a natural outgrowth of this approach.  Presumptively having the on their side, as the enforcers of laws, police can shield themselves from and overreact to peaceful .  Fortunately, one of the purposes of is to expose the inherent in the system, and the front lines of this is often enforcement and the .  Of course, when police overreact and use to quell peaceful demonstrations, of doing anything wrong, a refusal to be accountable for one's actions is typically the first response.  This only highlights the gap between the immense that police have to behave well and the that the socially sanctioned possessors of can get away with violence much easier.  Suggesting that a protester beat themselves up preemptively is a way to highlight the farcical notion of the purity of enforcement and violence to other people.  Rather than officers receiving harsher punishments for “unnecessary” violence, it is rare to see police prosecuted successfully for such misbehavior.  Maybe we should expect that such misbehaving police should regulate themselves, and that they should beat themselves up!

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