Force Attracts Men of Low Morality

Force Always Attracts Men of Low Morality–PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Force Always Attracts Men of Low Morality--PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

Force Always Attracts Men of Low Morality–PEACE QUOTE BUTTON

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Albert is recognized as perhaps one of the greatest geniuses that ever lived regarding .  However, few people realize that Albert was also a great genius of , or if you will.  This simple rule that force always attracts men of low morality can be a powerful organizing principle in how we relate to the world.  What if we realized, truly realized, that the world of command-and-, the world of the and apparatuses, did not attract the so-called best and the brightest, but attracts those of low morality.  While certainly devoted the better part of his life to understanding , his number one extracurricular activity was to for peace and the uplifting of all .  Of course, these types of activities typically don't make the books, if for none other than the simple reason that books only deal with great persons in with a few paragraphs at most.  However, dealing with issues of morality in our seems strangely avoided.  This seems to be entwined with the that is objective and all is , that is reductionistic .  We simply don't know what to do with , of which morality is one of the more obvious subjects.  Is it any wonder that can be strikingly amoral?  So-called has nearly perfected the ability to neuter any productive conversations about or morality.  Oddly, this is probably viewed as a highly position.  You've got to love the irony!  Well, back to Einstein.  I like to think that his commitment and fascination to springs forth from the essential truths that he reflected and meditated upon in physics.  I believe that all things are connected, and that this is a profound that underlies both physics and .  I would that very few would object to the premise that all things are connected, as this is profoundly interwoven in the assumptions of any science.  The problem that many people shy away from, of course, are those connections that could be called subjective between humans and the rest of reality.  In the end, I guess my point is that many would view of what Einstein as a prototypical scientist.  If this view is based in any reality, we should pay attention to the fact that Einstein concerned himself with the of that cannot directly be put under the proverbial microscope.  While Einstein is perhaps the best example, and he is the most well-known, there are many examples of theoretical physicists who have  immersed themselves in and accepted a mystical reality that cannot be fully explored with traditional hard science.  Yes, Einstein was a softy – a really smart softly.

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