POEM: Commercial Interruption

We interrupt this
Now that wasn’t so hard
Or was it?

How many times a day is our breached by some form of interruption?  Way too many times!  I consider this assault a major form of in our culture.  This short poem is geared to get the reader to think about taking back these interruptions and reclaiming our consciousness.  Rather than the interrupting us, we interrupt this commercial.  Initially, this may not be difficult.  A momentary victory is not difficult to achieve.  However, the assault of commercial interruptions is so pervasive and penetrating that keeping them out of our requires constant discipline.  In the long run, avoiding those settings where commercial interruptions are prevalent is probably the best strategy.  Like any kind of or practice, maintaining complete over where the goes is probably impossible.  Nevertheless, we can train our minds to let go the interruptions and build associations in our mental that eventually rate these interruptions as not worth paying attention to.  Live Simply So Others May Simply Live-POLITICAL BUTTONAnother suggestion on the social front would be not to buy any of the crap that’s advertised. This is not really that difficult since most of the crap that’s advertised is crap.  and consumerism, as well as living a simple life, are long-term strategies to interrupt the violent assaults of commercials.  Also, given the sloganeering and design that I do, I like to parody and satirize the and of many endeavors.  I find this method of fighting back both and producing.  May the be with you as well!

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