POEM: Dead Beat Nation – Owed to Whose Default It Is

I wrote this poem a bout the perennial federal hostage taking and ransom demands by Republicans around raising the debt ceiling whenever they don’t have full control. This running over the country and rerunning over the country is unique to our nation and probably unconstitutional. It is a manufactured crisis. The Democrats suffer from Stockholm syndrome, sympathizing with their hostage takers and pleading with the public to praise them for negotiating a lower ransom payment. Stop negotiating with fiscal terrorists! Do not question the payment of our bills. Who wants to live in a deadbeat nation?

Dead Beat Nation

We now return
To your regularly scheduled hostage taking
In progress
Ledgedly over fed balance sheet
Sum how
Requiring stiffing those owed
Repleting unsettling accounts
Republic in arrears
Pawning oaths of office
For some trashy scrip
From a bankrupt dogma [see chapter 11]
Whose dominant trait or stripe
Is can’t budge it
They perplexingly buy it
And reckon you will pay for it
Now and then
Fulminating at the mouth
A testing that they would
Gladly pay in voice
And if need be, re-lie on their father
To forgive their debts
Self-fulfilling profits
Skimmed from others
Credit raiding
Sow much overdo
As if
Default of everyone else
Everyone crying
Lay off
In snare of that brutal dictum
Personnel responsibility
And for every won ails
Austerity for awe its worth
Less those with congressional hall passes
Lined with august busts and passing bills
[mostly dead presidents]
Be got from capital hill
A solution in search of a problem
If it ain’t broke
It can’t be fixed
Axing us wince again
Too dissemble another dead line

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