POEM: Biden Our Time: Owed to Hostage Negotiations

For those of US not quiet happy a bout a ledged successful ceiling limit hostage negotiations, here is a poem for just that occasion:

Biden Our : Owed to Hostage Negotiations

How great thou
In a compromised nation
And a whirled in Jeopardy®
What is a plan it on fire?
Biden our
King of the over the hill
In efface of US peasants
And that wee
In the darkest our
Let US caste off
The majesty of
The peasantry of feudal gestures
The weight of pauper timing
The accommodations of hows on fire
A luring con session
“Popcorn for all patrons!”
Bask in the show
And dinghy diversions
Full of led
Buy the ringmaster of Mount Doom
How ever
Nobody wants to be subject to
The caricature
Of a storied
I deal list
In a fabled land
Like hostages in Stockholm

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