POEM: Putin on the Ritz

Putin on the Ritz

Putin showed up
The end
At the gate of
Only to discover that
is the kindest woman
You could ever imagine
Who also turns out
To be a huge fan
Of Pussy Riot
And if rankness were allowed
Putin would be in the vicinity
Of spam
Along with
His Aryan buds exclaiming
“Some type of cracker”
From below

I wrote this poem near the start of the most recent invasion of Ukraine by the Russian oligarch-in-chief Vlad Putin. This poem is a tip of the hat to and a loving , as well as a parody of of which the Russian Ukrainian invasion owes its salience, say, as compared to Russian crimes in Syria, which received little attention in the West. Perhaps ironically, this poem may never have been written without hellish , vying amongst itself for scarce attention, the wile declaring, “white supremacist lives matter.”

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