MUST READ POEM: Incarcerated Truth

MUST READ POEM: Incarcerated

But for the slip of the tongue
There could be
Been given
The slip of paper
With a key
Too incarcerated
Knot to be
Read aloud
There is know

Many of the simplest and most profound truths in are best experienced in , where anything spoken would only detract from the .  If this poem is read out loud, it communicates the opposite of that in : “There is no ” versus “There is know .”  The reference to sets up the of trying to communicate matters when words necessarily get in the way, often turning them into madders.  This poem is a big tip of the hat to the Te Ching’s opening line: “The that can be spoken is not the eternal .”  I have longingly loved this opening paradox which offers the poetic challenge of improving on .

may very well lie in the manor in which it is spoken or knot.  Free of words, we may the hole , going down that place from which hares split.  Down, down, down — nothing softer, nor closer to foul.  Sublime temptations beg the ineffable won, only to be housed in feat of clay.  Any peep would be, as if, to bring the roof roof down, that within ear shot of any eavesdropper.  Even the most dogged ear tome would knot avail the rabid homme, the whole as nothing, but hollowed ground.  To no end, as soil one self.  Making me, want to pop eye: I AM, what I AM?!

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