Stand Up For Democracy, Sen. Portman

(R-OH) is a key figure in the Senate legislation, now being drafted in secret.  He has so far refused to have any face-to-face town hall meeting with his constituents over any issues.  He may very well vote on a massive bill with NO public hearings.  When it comes to democratic processes, how low are you willing to go, Sen. Portman?  When Obamacare was passed there were many public hearings stretching out over a year and the Democrats accepted more than 160 amendments to the bill.  Back then, the Republicans considered this an , an apparent shortage of . Now, congressional Republicans want bills to pass in the House and Senate in a small fraction of that , with NO public hearings, and NO Democratic amendments even considered.  The is palpable.  Sen. Robert Portman, refuse to vote on any bill that does not have public hearings.  Sen. Robert Portman, refuse to vote on any health care bill that does not have a full CBO score indicating the health and budget effects.   Sen. Robert Portman, refuse to vote on any health care bill that doesn't improve the overall health of Americans.

Below are two posters graphically depicting Sen. Portman as missing in action.  I gave these posters to his staff with the stipulation that as long as there is not parity of among his constituents there will be parody.  Please feel free to share or print out these posters.


MISSING: Where is Senator Portman?


Wanted Poster: Senator Rob Portman





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