HOPE POEM: Hope Can Be

can be
Like an animal cornered by a predator
Fighting for
can be
Like a wisp of smoke
Wafting through the claws of
can be
Like adore number three
A seeding that grand prize of a lifetime
Byway of a constellation prize
Cheep in hand
Not enough to beguile
A way from blazing stars twinkling upon us
Sow far a weigh
Invisible during daze
Soully to serve
That first class purpose
Best suited
Naked to the night
And inextinguishable light

Hope is a common thread in my , even in those that deal with brutal injustices.  This poem offers several facets of hope.  Got Hope SPIRITUAL BUTTONHope Trumps Despair PEACE BUTTONFirst, hope can come in the invigorating immediacy of a direct threat where is literally at stake.  The awakening of purpose in such situations offers a clarity that is often lost in the muddled vagaries of .  I see hope in this.  Second, hope can appear as a calm, centered, and artfully wise bypassing of confrontations where has the upper hand.  This kind of hope lives within a set of not dictated by one's .  Thirdly, this poem lifts up hope rooted soully in undying truths that can fuel for life and fearless in efface of .  As hope wends through our lives, and life itself, may we be bound as won accord as we hope's many threads.

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